BHNW adopts out our dogs once they are ready and/or stable if medical care is ongoing. For more information on our adoption process, adoptable dogs, etc. please visit the "Dog" tab. Our adoption process is thorough. We care for each dog as if they were our own and want to do our best to insure their placement into a forever home.


We really do understand that rehoming is a hard decision and we hope that having an option like us would help ease the pain by knowing it is a very safe alternative to doing it yourself. We only place them in homes that are perfect for them!

If your dog has not been spayed or neutered, this is a must-do prior to adopting them out. This will help you and your dog, by weeding out people who just want to breed and might see them as a loving pet last. All dogs surrendered to BHNW are spayed/neutered prior to going into an adoptive home.

In Many cases owners request to be kept in the loop on the progress and placement of the dog which we are more than happy to do. This is also very easy to do via our Facebook page. We can discuss other things if you have something else in mind. Most of our volunteers have been doing rescue for some time. BHNW is a local organization, not a national one. This insures that we can give each dog the care they need and deserve without being stretched too thin, we also have the option of tailoring to each dog and placement.

We understand it is very hard even thinking of the next home your dog may be going to. Rescue is a great resource that many people don't even know is out there. We are all totally unpaid VOLUNTEERS, volunteering so your pet can find the type of home you would want for them. We keep track of and place all of the dogs that come through our group as if they were our own.




Our organization is devoted to taking our breeds from shelters. Although some shelters feel they may be a hot ticket item on a shelter's adoption floor, which may seem to be the case, what they may not realize is due to the fact that they are expensive to acquire there are usually serious issues with dogs who do end up dropped off at shelters or intentionally unclaimed strays. We have years of experience with dogs who are specifically left at shelters and they almost always have many of the same issues. Yeast infections of the ears and skin, mange (which is difficult to see on bulldogs due to the overlaying yeast that usually partners with it in the breed), food allergies, back/spinal issues, inverted tails, tail pockets, cherry eye, breathing issues which can lead to death without proper surgery, potty training issues (which Frenchies are notorious for), behavioral issues, and more. As a shelter, the best thing you can do for a Bulldog in your care is contact a breed specific rescue. We are always willing to look over a dog you have even if you do not intend to transfer it! If you think you may have a pregnant dog at your shelter please contact us! Birthing for a bulldog and the pregnancy duration is very risky for both mother and unborn puppies. Dogs must be delivered by Caesarian Section or the risk of death and complications for both is very high.



When BHNW hears of a shelter dog who may need our help we work hard to do whatever we need to do. We are willing to do anything from simple breed ID, assessments for breed health and behavioral issues, to transferring the dog into rescue and making sure it gets all the care it needs prior to being adopted out. If you are a Petpoint shelter transfers are easy because we use it too! USWA25



If you have seen a breed we help in a shelter who needs our assistance please contact the breed rep and provide as much information as possible. Please be sure to include the shelter name and location, details about the dog, and a pic if you have one. A cell phone photo is fine.


Our organization will provide a safe place for stray/found dogs of our breeds. If any party outside of an official animal shelter chooses to personally house/keep a pet they found, the law requires you to keep it for a minimum of 30 days before attempting to find it a new home. Rehoming a found dog before the 30 days is up is illegal and may subject you to theft and sale of stolen property charges. This goes for rescue groups like ours also, but we are happy to hold them for the time required by law while searching for an owner. If you have found a bulldog, we may already know it is missing. That is another reason to contact us.


Courtesy Listings are provided to the public who need to rehome their Bulldog, Frenchie, OEB and are in a position to keep them for any length of time and wish to place them personally without the help of BHNW. If you need to rehome your dog and it is dog-aggressive Courtesy Listings are what BHNW prefers to use. Often times dog-aggression is increased in a change of environment which would hinder placement in a foster home. Foster homes who have no resident dogs are also very limited and may already be filled with a dog like yours who is actually homeless and did not come directly from an owner. The owner of Courtesy Listed dogs is the one who will receive all inquiries, weed through potential homes, and be responsible for all things pertaining to the placement. If you are interested in adopting a Courtesy Listing please do not contact BHNW. Please use the owner contact information provided for that dog in the listing. All dogs must be spayed or neutered prior to being Courtesy Listed. If you would like to talk to us about rehoming your dog through a Courtesy Listing please contact the appropriate breed rep at the bottom of the page.