Fostering bulldogs in need can be a very rewarding experience.

We need help in the following areas:

Foster Homes
We need people over 18, have their own transportation and who can open their hearts and homes to homeless Bulldogs/Frenchies who need a caring place to stay while they get the medical they need and wait for their new homes. There are different levels of fostering - from a short stay for a healthy dog, to longer term medical or mental rehabilitation. One very critical type of foster home we are in dire need of is that with no other dogs in the home. We are seeing an influx of "only" dogs being surrendered and that means they need to be in a home that either has no other dogs (sometimes cats or kids too) or the ability to completely seperate the foster from the family pets.  

Fundraising & Event Team
If you know anything about Bulldogs, you know their care is costly. This is even worse for rescue. Since we often receive Bulldogs which are at their worst our organization spends about $250,000 a year in medical and care expenses for their rehabilitation. Fundraising is critical for us to save Bulldogs in need so this fundraising group is a vital volunteer opportunity. Our largest fundraising event is our Annual Bulldog Ball that is an inperson silent/live auction for humans only. We also have some great  online auctions that are hosted by our amazing volunteers. 

Volunteer Animal Behaviorist
We know this might be a stretch, but we are hoping there might be a certified animal behaviorist who loved Bulldogs and wants to help Bulldogs by lending their services.

Join our team and help save lives today.