If you are interested in applying for one of our dogs please click on the application link below.
** Print the form and complete the Adoption Application by hand. **
*please do not cut and paste the text and type in it.
All applications must be submitted in hand writting and signed*

When finished you can send it to one of the following:

Fax To: 206.902.4394

if you absolutely do not have access to a fax
snail-mail to:

Bulldog Haven NW
PO Box 1121
Marysville, WA 98270




Wondering just how the adoption process works?


Step 1

Learn about the breed you are interested in adopting if you have not had one before. Make sure this stubborn breed is really for you!


Step 2

If it is.. fill out our application, you will want to do this before contacting a volunteer.


Step 3

if you see a dog that you feel you may be the perfect home for, contact the dog's rescue rep listed in their bio and let them know you are interested in being considered for that dog and that you have filled out the application and sent it in. Make sure to open up and tell them anything else you feel they may want to know that you didn't get the chance to write on the application. Please do not email more than one rep, it gets confusing.


Step 4

Be patient. We wish everyone could get a dog from our organization but the truth is we do get a number of dogs in, but the number of applicants always will far outweigh the number of available dogs. This is a good thing though, since the actual number of homeless Bullies is sad enough as it is.

If you are contacted by a volunteer and are being considered for a dog:

Be sure to respond quickly; we understand that live gets busy, but in addition to finding each dog their perfect home we also try and find them one in a timely manner so the process is as quick and painless as possible for the dogs. If we do not hear from you we may feel you have changed your mind about adopting and will move on to the next chosen application.

If you are chosen as first choice for a dog; you will be contacted by phone or email telling you that you are first in line for a dog. The volunteer will most likely ask you more questions at this time.

If you have a dog in your home already and are matched with an available dog: You will be scheduled for a meet and greet where the current dog(s) and the perspective dog can meet on neutral ground, such as a park.

If the meet and greet is a success; you will have a home check done by a volunteer who is located near you.

After your home check is complete and approved; you will then finalize the adoption by filling out the adoption contract, pickup your new pooch, and pay the adoption fee.