If you feel you may need to give up your dog

We understand that making the decision to give up your dog is not easy. To help make it easier Bulldog Haven NW is comprised of caring, compassionate volunteers who are available to talk with you and share what we will provide for your dog in addition to safe placement. When emailing us please include your phone number so we can contact you back at our earliest convenience.

If you are rehoming your dog - please consider rescue as an option

We really do understand that rehoming is an incredibly difficult decision and we hope that having an option like BHNW would help ease the pain by knowing it is a very safe alternative to doing it yourself. We only place them in homes that are perfect for them!  If your dog has not been spayed or neutered, this is a good thing to have done prior to adopting them out. This will help you and your dog, by weeding out people who just want to breed and might see them as a loving pet last. BHNW does not place dogs until they are spayed or neutered. If you feel your dog needs to be exempt from this we are more than happy to talk with you about that.

In Many cases owners request to be kept in the loop on the progress and placement of the pet which we are more than happy to do. We can discuss other things if you have something else in mind. Most of our volunteers have been doing rescue for some time and are a local organization not a national one. This insures that we can give each dog the care they need and deserve without being stretched too thin, we also have the option of tailoring to each dog and placement. We understand it is very hard even thinking of the next home your dog may be going to. Rescue is a great resource that many people don't even know is out there. We are all totally unpaid VOLUNTEERS, volunteering so your pet can find the type of home you would want for them. We keep track of and place all of the dogs that come through our group as if they were our own.

All dogs that come into our organization receive the following

* Any and all care they need all expenses paid, we fundraise all the time for this.
* Microchip, our rescue is always listed on each microchip with contact information
* If in the rare occasion they need to be rehomed again they must always come back to us.    We take responsibility for each dog for their lifetime!
* Spayed or Neutered prior to placement
* Brought up to date on vaccinations, provided health and age allow
* Dogs only go to homes that are perfect for THEM
* Mandatory home-checks and interviews for every prospective adopter

We work with and place Bulldogs of all ages & all kinds of health conditions.
We are a Washington State nonprofit organization and registered charity as well as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Federal Tax Exempt Organization # 80-0916846.

We make rescue contacts with people daily, we do what ever we can to help bulldog owners in the public.

Rescues do not only place troubled or ailing pets, many come to rescue for reasons out of their parents control, and that are completely healthy. Homes that want the best possible outcome for their dog - just like we do.

No matter what brings a dog to our group our main goal is to provide the medical attention they may need and to place them in a perfectly picked forever home.