Welcome shelter staff

Bulldog Haven NW wants to work with you. We have common goals; to place homeless pets, spay and neuter to help the pet population and to lower the number of dogs who are euthanized each day.

Shelters and rescues make a great team and BHNW wants to be on yours.

What can we do for you

Breed Identification - If you think you have an English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or a mix either email us some photos or ask us to come take a look in person by visiting your shelter. Most of our volunteers have camera phones so the sending of photos can be really easy.

Help look for owners of stray Bulldogs If you alert us of a stray Bulldog or Frenchie who has found it's way into your shelter we will do our best to look for anyone who may be missing theirs. We know shelter space gets tight.

Continue to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering as well as making sure their pets are Microchipped We know as well as you that if every family altered their pets and everyone microchipped and registered them properly both of our jobs would be easier.

Help with our breed if and when they are involved in a court case or puppy mill situation Abused and neglected dogs come with a large variety of problems. That on top of breeds who already have problems of their own can make for a very difficult road to any type of healing. Our volunteers will do anything to help the breeds we are experienced with and if becoming an official shelter volunteer is what it takes in an emergency or legal battle.. just ask us.

what you can do for us

Let us help Bulldogs who end up in your shelter - English and French Bulldogs are costly to acquire So most bulldogs who find themselves in shelters or rescues have issues in some way shape or form. The odds of an actual healthy Bulldog or Frenchie ending up in a shelter is very slim. Most need medical attention that may not be noticeable to people unless they really know the breed. One of our volunteers can check out an English or French Bulldog in your shelter and let you know of issues that dog may be facing. As a rescue we would prefer shelters allow us to take them into our program so we can assess them in a home situation, temperament test them, make sure their medical and maintenance needs are met and find out what type of owner they really need before placement so they do not end up back in a shelter. 

Hidden problems

Many Bulldogs look fine but have a hidden problem you can't see but it is terrible for them if not dealt with properly. The tail pocket is a pocket under the tail above the anus. You can't see it and you may not be able to get under there to clean it. Since the tail is the end of the spine, this is a serious issue. Sometimes a screw tail really doesn't end where you think it does and actually goes back into the rear and ends somewhere inside. An X-ray can tell for sure. If you are unable to clean that area you may need to talk to a specialist for Bulldogs about tail amputation.